Nov 2017


E4R set up a crowdfunding campaign to make it possible for everybody to fund our initiative. Go to supporttudelft.nl for more information. All funding will be spent to make sure our participants get the best and funniest activities throughout the course of the year. Thank you in advance and special thanks to the TUDelft, who made this crowdfunding possible.    

The “Algemeen Dagblad” features Engineers for Refugees in a short piece to spread the word prior to the start of a new year.   You can read the complete article here (dutch).


Jul 2017

BUDDY worden?

For dutch speakers only.   Ben jij geïnteresseerd in andere culturen, ben je sociaal en lijkt het je leuk om je in te zetten voor een ander? Engineers for Refugees is op zoek naar jou! De deelnemers zijn ambitieuze, jonge en hoogopgeleide vluchtelingen met een technische achtergrond. We zijn op zoek naar studenten die zich voor een kwartaal kunnen inzetten om 3 uur per week de Nederlandse taal uit te

In the night of 17th /18th June, the ‘night of the refugee’ takes place (nacht van de vluchteling). Thousands of participants walk a 40 km tour between big cities to create awareness and raise money for emergency aid and displaced refugees. Do you want to join the walk or donate? Have a look at their website!


Apr 2017

New Board

A new motivated group of students will continue to work on Engineers for Refugees! Kasper, Bente, Patrick, Tobias and Jeanine are busy behind the scenes to arrange an integral program similar to last year’s. First up was this new website. Stay tuned to our website and social media to get updates and get involved!

To get an impression of what we have done last year, please read this article (dutch) about engineers for refugees in the TU Delta. The article explains our integral approach and shows a few examples of successful buddy couples.


Sep 2016

Syrian lunch

In September 2016, we had one of our first plus-modules. Together with the E4R participants we had a nice Syrian lunch at Jeanine’s place. Plus-modules are various kinds of activities that offer an inspiring environment to learn about the Dutch culture, traditions and academic- and business environment. This results in a faster-than-normal integration for ambitious intelligent refugees.