You must have noticed the large amount of refugees requesting asylum in Europe. While it might be a challenging issue for Europe, at the same time the so-called “refugee crisis” has also been a source of inspiration. A few students of the TUDelft thought it was their responsibility to act up and founded Engineers for Refugees in early 2016.

Engineers for Refugees (E4R) is set up to offer an accelerated integration course to young and ambitious refugees. This student initiative helps the participants to gain as much knowledge about the Dutch language and culture as possible. In collaboration with the TUDelft and VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (Dutch refugee organisation) E4R is currently hosting a class of 20 people!

TU Delft

Can help by offering refugees an inspiring place to learn Dutch language and culture.


Learning Dutch is one of the boundary conditions for a successful integration in the Netherlands.


Pairing up refugees with people that share common technical background and interests.



An accelerated language course of 10 months, combined with extra activities and student buddies make for a professional and social integration platform for our participants.

Language A0-B2

The intensive 12-month language course takes the participants’ Dutch language CEFR level from A0 to B2, providing them with the language skills to pursue a professional degree or a career in the Netherlands.


PLUS-modules are cultural and professional activities organized by E4R with companies, other institutions and/or students. The different set of integration courses offers an inspiring environment to learn about the Dutch culture and habits.

The buddy system

The practical learning of the Dutch language is picked up playfully by linking the participants to peers at the TUDelft. We call this the Buddy system. Each buddy couple is expected to spend approximately 4 hours per week together. Every three months the participant is introduced to a new buddy to extend his/her connections.

The Team

Friends of E4R

You can become a Friend of E4R by making a donation of €500 or more in the name of your company, or by contributing with a fun or learning activity for our participants.

Get Involved

Looking to get involved? This can be done in different ways, for example as a buddy, plus-module organiser, board member or sponsor. Please leave us a message to let us know what your interest is!

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