On the 6th of December E4R organized a ‘Sinterklaas’ evening for all the participants. It was a great succes!


As soon as the lessons were finished a tuk-tuk dropped the participants at the location. Here was a short quiz with information about the Dutch tradition*, presented by two ‘Pieten’. We also enjoyed some typical Dutch sweets like ‘peper- en kruidnoten’ and marzipan. Unfortunately, Saint Nicholas wasn’t able to come…

After the quiz we played two rounds of a game. You had to gamble and depending on the number of the dice either you had to give away one of your presents or you would receive the present of someone else.

When the alarm went off the game froze and everybody kept his or her current present. Luckily, everybody got a present and most of us were happy.

At the same time dinner was served: a delicious dish of ‘boerenkool’ **. All the participants told us they liked it and after short drinks everybody went home with a great feeling.
* Sinterklaas is on the 5th and 6th of December in the Netherlands, when Saint Nicholas visits children and brings them presents. The ‘Pieten’ are helping Sinterklaas. They are painted in all colours and can walk on the roofs.
** Boerenkool/kale is typical Dutch food (during winter).It literally means ‘stamped pot’ (stamppot) and it’s a dish that consist of mashed potatoes with a cooked vegetable. The meat (shawarma) is served on the side.